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About Us

Peterson Lamp Company in Michigan

Owner Mark Peterson has been designing and building lamps since 1978. Peterson Lamps was purchased from his late father, Jack, in 1989 and moved to the Hudsonville area where it is today. 

Peterson Lamp Company today has basically three operations at our one location. The first is NEW LAMPS – These are groups of matching floor and table lamps, built with components from suppliers within three hours of Hudsonville. The few parts we need that come from overseas are purchased from American distributors, so we can proudly say that our lamps are Made in the USA.

We build each new lamp to order, so we can offer items most large companies can not. If you need the lamp taller, or shorter, or with a different switching option, etc. we are happy to work with you. Just let us know, and if it is possible, we will do what we can to accommodate you.

Our second operation is REVAMPED LAMPS. This is something we started a couple of years ago that is a lot of fun. We acquire older lamps from mission stores, or state sales, sometimes rescuing them from the scrap heap. We then recycle the old wiring and damaged metal pieces. The remaining parts are stripped of much of the old finish, and then sent out for a baked-on espresso or black powder coat. We then assemble the lamp with the old parts, add new parts if needed, and maybe parts from other lamps. We install new wiring, safety, and bulb test, and, voila, you basically have a new lamp. Please note that most all of these lamps are 1 of a kind, sometimes a pair, and sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our third operation is LAMP & LIGHT FIXTURE repair at our Hudsonville location. We also sell replacement lamp shades. Please call for an appointment, so we can give you our full attention, and possibly repair your lamp while you wait.

Peterson Lamps are stronger because they have fewer joints that are susceptible to loosening and that also decrease the upright straightness and strength. The lamp encases a steel threaded rod that extends from the base to the lamp bulb socket. If the lamp model needs a weighted base it is a coated steel plate not some composite that will deteriorate over time.

Another unique Peterson Lamp feature is that they can be made with additional bulb sockets where more light is needed in critical areas. Some of the critical areas are places where people with diminished visibility due to aging or conditions in the eye and diseases of the eye. Another sought after feature is the variety of switching options, switch locations and types of switches requiring hand or foot pressure activation. This feature helps those with handicaps or disabilities to enjoy more activities that require a lighted work area or a relaxation space for reading and other leisurely pastimes.

Known issues with common Floor Lamps: 


1. Most floor lamps have plastic shell weights filled with a cement-like slurry. These type of weights (also known as loaders) are fine for table lamps and are a low-cost way to provide weight. We use them ourselves for a few years, but with floor lamps, a problem may arise after a while. The slurry on the inside may not be filled properly, and it can dry out so that cracks may occur from inside. The stress of the floor lamp assembly itself then can cause the weight to break apart.

2. Most floor lamps come with 2 or 3 separate pieces that screw together over and into the base. This is done so the lamp can be shipped in a smaller carton in order to reduce shipping cost from overseas. This works fine if properly assembled, but over time, the joints may work loose, and the pieces may strip where they join together. The average lamp may have 3 or more places in the assembly where this could happen.


  1. Our regular style floor lamps start with 1/2” diameter threaded rod.

  2. We attach our 10” diameter steel disc with 2 heavy-duty nuts and lock washers.

  3. Then we add the floor base cover

  4.  Add tubbing

  5. Tighten it up at the top with a thick brass nut.

There you have one of our best basic floor lamp units!

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