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About Us

Owner Mark Peterson has been designing and building lamps since 1978. Peterson Lamps was purchased from his late father, Jack, in 1989 and moved to the Hudsonville area where it is today. 

Our main operation is REVAMPED LAMPS. This is something we started a couple of years ago that is a lot of fun. We acquire older lamps from mission stores or state sales, sometimes rescuing them from the scrap heap. We then recycle the old wiring and damaged metal pieces. The remaining parts are stripped of much of the old finish and then sent out for a baked-on espresso or black powder coat. We then assemble the lamp with the old parts, add new parts if needed, and maybe parts from other lamps. We install new wiring, safety, and bulb tests, and, voila, you basically have a new lamp. Please note that almost all of these lamps are 1 of a kind, sometimes a pair, and sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our second operation is LAMP & LIGHT FIXTURE REPAIR at our Hudsonville location. We also sell replacement lamp shades. Please call for an appointment, so we can give you our full attention, and possibly repair your lamp while you wait.

Lamp and Light Fixture
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