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Revamped Lamps

Revamp Lamps

Black Finish


Espresso Finish

Revamped Lamp finish

Original Finish

Revamped Lamps
(old lamps that are renovated, refurbished, and updated)

The old saying, "They don't make them like they used to," is very true in the lamp business. In the many years I've been involved in it, I have seen many of the old quality lamp companies disappear, along with the factories that made their quality components.

A couple of years ago, I figured, why not find these old lamps with the quality parts and basically rebuild them like new. I started acquiring these lamps from mission stores, estates sales, and the like. Depending on their condition, I might go in either of two different directions. If the original finish is decent, I will dis-assemble it, recycle any old wiring or damaged parts, clean it, and rebuild it with new wiring and safety test it. If you use led bulbs, these lamps will last for a long time.

Or,if the original finish is ruined or dated, I will disassemble it, recycle the wiring and damaged pieces, and then remove as much as necessary of the old finish on the parts. I then send them out for either a baked-on-black or espresso (dark brown) finish. I then re-assemble the lamp, sometimes, adding or subtracting parts as I like, to update the look of the lamp. Due to the durability of the finish, these lamps will also last a long time.

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